Resources for Schools

These resources are designed for secondary school history teachers to use in the classroom. They provide teachers with some of the primary sources and latest findings from Oxford historians’ research.

About the Teaching Resources Project, 2017

The initial trial of the Teaching Resources project was launched in 2017, following a collaborative workshop involving teachers, educationalists and historians which facilitated discussions between those using the resources and those who would be authoring them. Feedback from the workshop fed directly into the creation of the initial teaching resources and has informed the planning processes of our current authors. Teachers advised on useful features of resources and the scope they expected from documents when picking them up - whether as resources for their own pre-reading, or as practical documents that provided pre-created activities and multimedia materials with which their students could interact. We continue to act on educator feedback and warmly encourage any thoughts on the available resources to be sent in via the communication channels below.

The scheme and workshop were supported by the Faculty of History's Race Equality Working Group and the History Faculty Board.


History Teachers: get in touch with us!

We would love to hear what teachers think about these resources. Did you find them useful? Is there any way we could improve them? Would you like us to produce a resource on a particular topic? You can send your comments to and we will respond as soon as possible.