Academic Visitors at the Faculty of History

For the purposes of the following page we use the term ‘academic visitor’ to refer very loosely to any externally-funded postdoctoral scholar who wishes to apply to work with an academic sponsor* at the Faculty of History.

If you wish to visit the Faculty as a student who does not currently hold a doctorate please refer to the University’s pages about recognised studentships. Applications from current doctoral students will only be accepted if the applicant expects to have finished their doctorate before the proposed date of their visit.

Faculty visitor applications fall broadly into two categories:

  • Category A: Applications to major funding bodies for substantial postdoctoral awards and fellowships (BA, Leverhulme, Newton).
  • Category B: Anything else: sabbatical; smaller funding body awards (SNSF, Wiener-Anspach, Rubicon); internal University research grants; self-funded, etc. Details of our fees for visitors of this type are available in the Academic Visitor’s application form.


*Only current postholders of the Faculty are eligible to act as sponsors to academic visitors. Please consult the faculty people pages to see a list of Faculty postholders.


Prospective applicants to major fellowships and postdoctoral awards should engage an academic sponsor before getting in touch with the Faculty’s research office via

Fellowships and larger grant-holders are substantively more engaged with the Faculty administration throughout both the process of application and the period of their grant award. Fellowships will typically be administered by the Faculty. They will also usually come with a college affiliation, which might be arranged by your sponsor, the Faculty administration, or through the applicant applying directly to the college (such as for a non-stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship).

This category of visitor does not need to complete an Academic Visitor’s Application Form alongside their external application.

Prospective applicants will first need a sponsor who is a current postholder* of the History Faculty. An application will then comprise the following:

  • Statement/proposal of intended activities, including rationale for association with the Faculty
  • Academic Visitor’s Application Form [download here]
  • An up-to-date CV

Once the application has been assembled, please ask your sponsor to send it via email to along with their endorsement. Completed applications will then be forwarded on to the Chair of the Faculty Board and/or the Head of Administration of Finance for consideration.

Once approved, visitors are welcome to request letters of support for their funding body.