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If you would like to donate towards one of our campaigns, you can do so online at: 

If you would rather donate via post, please contact our Alumni Officer at:

Graduate Scholarships

The Hubert Stadler Graduate Scholarship Fund supports graduate scholarships in history, enabling remarkable young people to fulfil their intellectual aspirations. It is named in honour of our Graduate Officer, who died suddenly in January 2016 and had held the post since its inception. 

The Oxford History Faculty is one of the leading centres for postgraduate research in history in the UK, and the largest graduate operation in the Humanities Division.  The case for focusing our fund-raising efforts on graduate scholarships derives from the enormous disparity between the number of high-quality applications we receive, and the amount of funding we are able to offer (to 17%  of successful doctoral candidates and 6% of successful master’s candidates).  Every year, we lose a significant number of excellent applicants at both master’s and doctoral level because we are unable to fund them.  The picture is particularly grave in respect of overseas students, because the fees are high and because AHRC and ESRC funds, which represent more than half of the money currently available to the Faculty, can only be spent on UK students.  On the other hand, the strongest access case is in favour of UK applicants from modest backgrounds, who are already carrying significant debts from undergraduate study.

The full costs of graduate study (2016/17) for each student are as follows:

  • Home/EU Master’s = c. £22,000 (£9,480 fee + £12,700 average living costs)
  • Overseas Master’s = c. £33,000 (£20,500 + £12,700)
  • Home/EU Doctoral = c. £64,000 (£7,133 + £14,100 = £21,200 x 3)
  • Overseas Doctoral = c. £97,000 (£18,230 + £14,100 = £32,300 x 3).

Our aim will be to seek funds to cover the full costs of a single student for the duration of her/his course wherever possible. Any donations in support of this cause will be greatly appreciated and pooled together to ensure that as many graduate students as possible can benefit from your generosity.

General Support

In the currents of change and conflict that roil the modern world, a thorough understanding of our common human history, in all its many aspects and manifestations, is more important than ever. For centuries, Oxford has been at the forefront of this indispensible discipline; we must not falter now in our enduring mission. We must not let the vicissitudes of the present rob the future of the past.

Our need is great -- but so are the opportunities for visionary donors to make a lasting impact with their financial support, their good counsel and their active involvement. Every gift, regardless of size, is vital, and will be most gratefully received and appropriately acknowledged.

This appeal comes at a critical time. Please consider helping us in the following ways:

At the heart of an Oxford History education lies the weekly tutorial. The tutorial system is the key to Oxford's academic mission, but is it also expensive. At present, Oxford heavily subsidises the cost of teaching each undergraduate, due to a funding gap of £8,500 between the real cost of educating a student and what is received from fees and government sources. The need to ensure that Oxford remains accessible to students of the highest ability from all socio-economic backgrounds, through extensive outreach activities and the provision of bursaries, means that this did not change significantly with the introduction of higher undergraduate fees from 2012. 

We are committed to retaining the tutorial system, but this will only be possible with the philanthropic support of those who share our steadfast belief that nurturing the most agile and able young minds of successive generations is a critical investment in the future. To safeguard the tutorial, the University has established the Teaching Fund, an initiative to fully endow tutorial posts in History, as well as in other subject areas, for the long term, through donations and matched funding from Oxford University Press. Endowment has been secured to support a History Tutorial Fellowship at Worcester College through the Teaching Fund Scheme, and the Faculty is currently working with the following colleges in fundraising to support further posts through the scheme:

  • Hertford College
  • St Catherine's College
  • St Peter's College

Other colleges are undertaking fundraising to support history posts outside the Teaching Fund scheme. For example:

  • Trinity College

How you can help

  • Sponsor a tutorial: A gift of £280 (or £25 a month) plus gift aid will sponsor a history tutorial.
  • Preserve the tutorial system for the future: A gift of £7500 plus gift aid would endow a history tutorial in the long term.

We are the largest department of history in the country and with specialists on periods from AD 300 to the present day and geographic regions spanning the globe, our depth and breadth is unrivalled. At a time when other universities are reducing the range of historical periods and themes they cover, the unparalleled scope of Oxford's expertise becomes all the more pivotal to advancing understanding of the world, both past and present.

It is essential to invest in bringing outstanding historians to Oxford to lead our teaching and research in all areas, yet our ability to refill academic posts once they become vacant has been severely hampered by current funding constraints. Faculty posts which will become vacant in the next five years include Professorial Chairs as well as University Lectureships. We must look for external support to help us to fill these posts and preserve our exceptional range and quality of historical expertise.

How you can help

  • Invest in cutting-edge research: a gift of £1000 plus gift aid from 32 donors will support an early-career research fellow for a year.
  • Support world-leading historians: a gift of £2500 plus gift aid will fund a week of teaching and research by a professor.

We have a number of research centres which encourage intellectual exchange between leading historians and facilitate cutting-edge research. These offer many support opportunities.

How you can help

  • Support research events: £2,000 would sponsor a one-day conference with speakers from abroad
  • Enhance the spread of research: £500 would facilitate a seminar programme for a term.

Encouraging and rewarding excellence at both undergraduate and graduate level is central to our academic mission. Your gift can help the Faculty nurture students' intellectual development and recognize their achievements by supporting prizes and awards for outstanding academic performance.

How you can help

  • Reward academic excellence: a gift of £100 plus gift aid from 8 people will fund an undergraduate prize.

Leaving a Gift in your Will

Medieval and modern history has been studied at Oxford for longer than at almost any other university: a Regius Professor of Modern History was first appointed in 1724, and undergraduate examinations began in 1850.

By leaving a gift in your will to the History Faculty you can help to ensure that this tradition of excellence will continue for generations to come.

Your support will really make a difference. Whether large or small, for graduate scholarships, academic positions, or to support core activities, every gift is valued and appreciated.

Indeed, if you have already left a gift in your will, please think about letting us know so that we have a chance to thank you during your lifetime.

If you would like to know more about leaving a gift to the History Faculty in your will, please contact Caroline Reynolds on (+44) 01865 611520 or email

Thank you
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