Dr Phil Booth


I am broadly interested in the history of Late Antiquity, Early and Middle Byzantium, and Early Islam, and have supervised research in all of these fields. Anyone wishing to discuss a Master's or DPhil in the field of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies should feel free to contact me.


I currently teach:

Prelims FHS
European and World History 1, 370-900
(The Transformation of the Ancient World)
European and World History 1: Late Antiquity, 250-650
  European and World History 2: The Early Medieval World, 600-1000
  The Near East in the Age of Justinian and Muhammad
  Byzantium in the Age of Constantine Porphyrogenitus, 913-959
  On the Road to Baghdad, 892-1055


Graduate papers:

Late Antique and Byzantine Religion (Late Antique and Byzantine Studies)