Updates on Current Activities

The REAG Steering Committee met for the second time on 15 March 

The committee discussed activities since November, including:

  • Contributions to the development of a new strand on Histories of Race for the first year Approaches to History course
  • The insights provided by the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Listening Fora, and preliminary results of the student surveys
  • Concerns around graduate admissions
  • A document offering Guidance for Tutors and Seminar Convenors to which the REAG co-convenors had contributed


Full minutes of the meeting are available on request from reag@history.ox.ac.uk

The REAG Steering Committee met for the first time on 11 November.

The committee discussed the objectives and scope of the project, beginning with a discussion of terminology.  It was agreed that where an over-arching category was needed, the preference should be for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (avoiding the use of the acronym as much as possible). This terminology was felt to highlight in a useful way the specificity of Black and Asian experience in Britain and its relationship to the imperial historical context, and can also be related to existing statistical data. It was further agreed that the Committee should:

  • seek as much as possible to disaggregate what might be concealed by umbrella acronyms
  • recognise the specificity of racialisation in Britain and its intersections with class
  • recognise the ways in which the raced identities of international students might emerge from very different contexts
  • recognise that individuals might describe themselves using other terms

The committee further discussed a commitment to a pro-active anti-racist approach highlighting the use of positive action as a mechanism of change in recruitment and instituting robust procedures against racial harassment.

The committee discussed a schedule of work for the rest of the academic year and the creation of subcommittees on Admissions & Student Experience, Staff Recruitment & Experience, and on Curriculum.

The committee reviewed a first draft of the student survey to be prepared for circulation later this academic year.

Full minutes of the meeting are available on request from reag@history.ox.ac.uk

The REAG will be surveying postgraduate and undergraduate students during the course of Hilary Term. We will also hold Listening Exercises for students on Monday 8 February 15:00-16:00 (undergraduates) and Thurdsay 18 February 12:00-13:00 (postgraduates). 

The Admissions and Student Experience subcommittee will meet on Thursday 25 February, 16:00-18:00. 

The Curriculum subcommittee will meet on Tuesday 2 March, 12:00-14:00. 

All are welcome to attend subcommittee sessions, please email reag@history.ox.ac.uk

The next Steering Committee meeting will be held on Monday 15 March, 14:00-16:00